Makeup $2195

Makeup Kits

5 Day Hybrid

Product Knowledge 



Anatomy of the Face

Base Application

Shading and Highlighting

Eye Makeup Application

Color Placement and Shading 

Accentuating Features

Shaping Techniques

Strip Lash Application

Lip Color, Lining and Shading

Corrective Makeup 

Product Placement 

Makeup On Men

Airbrush Makeup

High Fashion


Red Carpet 


"No Makeup" Makeup

Live Application (2 Models)

Testing & Certification

Microblading $2995

Microblading Eyebrows Aurora OH

5 Day Hybrid

Skin Anatomy 


Patch Testing 


Pre & Postcare 


Touch-Up Recommendations Symmetry Artistry 

Color Mixing 

Camouflage & Corrections 

Client Prep

Station Setup 

Practice Application on Paper 

Practice Skins 

Licensing Requirements 

Pigment & Needle Suppliers 

Marketing & Social Media Advertisement Consent 

Forms & Insurance

Final Practice Applications 

Safety & Sanitation 

Live Station Setup 

Model Sign-In & Setup Live application (2 Models) 

Theory Testing & Certification

Lash Extensions $995

Eyelash Extensions Aurora OH

5 Day Hybrid

3 Levels of Decontamination

Set Up and Preperation

Techniques fro Isolation

Moving Through The Lash Line

Characteristics of Lashes

Eye Shape Guide

Eye Lash Biology Basics

Common Mistakes

Working With Challenging Lashes

Lash Design 

Lash Removal 

Lash Care


Safety and Sanitation

Live Application ( 2 Models)

$500 deposit to secure your seat in class. Deposits are non-refundable.


Amanda May and Team

Bella Verita

I'm so proud of you Amanda May. You were born a leader. I appreciate your ability to captivate everyone in the room such that everyone feels included. I know my students still talk about you for years after. They always remember what you taught them! Thank you for always being such a leader.

Ronda Taylor

You never cease to amaze me, Amanda May! Growing your successful business, being a leader of self--and to others, your mentoring skills, and the incredible talents you possess have been nothing short of amazing to witness over the years I have known you! I am grateful for all the richness and beauty you have added to my life! Keep soaring ... you deserve to have all that you desire! You've earned it! 

Karen Noelle

One of the greatest strengths I've seen in you is your ability to connect people and give them what they need and are asking for. These girls are lucky to not only have your makeup skills and expertise but your personal development background to help them build their own dreams. You set a model for whatever you desire you can create, no matter what it takes💜!!!

Nikkia Jones

 Well if you have anything to do with it, it'll be AMAZING I'm sure!! You were such a great mentor to me! I can't believe how far I've come in such a short time. These students don't know yet how lucky they are to have your leadership! You've got the Midas touch girl!!

Emily Bernice

You're an amazing person and teacher. You pushed me to do something I was so scared to do and I came out more confident with myself. Thank you for being the amazing you that you are. God had his hands all over you and your work. It's so inspiring to see and to be apart of ! I can't wait to see you again 

Andrea Soler

 Amanda there isn't anyone else who I think deserves this success more then you! I am grateful for the countless time you have spent with me to mold me into a better makeup artist and even more a better person. Your out side of the box thinking, vibrant persona and insight in the beauty industry will lead you wherever your heart desires.