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Amanda May

Tori Spelling

@torianddean: @AmandaJeanMay
I love your DIVINE products! So great! Thx

Stroke Of Beauty

“Love seeing the amazing looks the wonderful makeup artist, Amanda May created at Swim Miami 2017 using Stroke of Beauty products!”

Vamp Stamp

Amanda May hows us how Medium VaVaVoom rocks her world. She rocks ours! 💜🖤😻😻

Stephanie Quinones

I look up to this strong, independent woman. She's everything I want to become in the beauty industry!

Michelle Koch

I am forever grateful for your tutelage and the opportunities that have presented themselves to me because of you. Keep planting those seeds, the world is a better place for it!!! 

Ariel Still

You are an amazing leader! You are a bomb make up artist and can show every woman, no matter the age, how to look and feel beautiful. With a world of women constantly tearing each other apart, it's refreshing to see someone come and unify women using make up.