Permanent Makeup Forms MUST be filled out prior to arrival. $150 deposit due at booking. 72 hour cancellation policy applies.



How do I get the best results

The best possible color results can perform for many years or may begin to fade over time. The amount of time required for this, depends per person. While permanent makeup pigment remains in the dermis its beauty-span may be influenced by several possible factors. These can be environmental, procedural and/or individual factors. Sun exposure fades color. The amount and color of pigment deposit at the dermal level can affect the length of time that permanent makeup looks its best. Very natural-looking applications are likely to require a touch-up before more dramatic ones for this reason. Individual influences include lifestyles that find an individual in the sun regularly such as with gardening or swimming.

How long does it last

On average the results will last 2-4 years, however, due to skin type and environmental influences as outlined in the LONG-TERM RESULTS, the time may vary. 

What results can be expected

Permanent makeup results in enhanced features of the face—definition is rendered to eyebrows, eyes and lips by the use of colors. Results can imitate topically applied cosmetics or can be quite unnoticeable, depending upon the designs, color value and amount of pigment used. Permanent makeup is not meant to give fullness to the lip although they may appear slightly larger. If you desire larger lips get lip filler first.