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WHAT IS A | C | C | O | R ?

The new ACICIOIR®Plasma Pen NF+ is the gentle, rapid and effective alternative to skin tightening surgery. 

The latest generation of the Cosmetic Corrector combines the best aspects of plasma and low frequency techniques to offer a product that is unique on the market. It gives you access to new ways of treating wrinkles, scars, acne and skin tags.

An ionised electric arc acts on the skin surface via the tip of the pen without making direct contact with the skin. The plasma arc very rapidly vaporises the skin in a concentrated way in the desired location and tightens the surrounding area.  


The plasma pen is extremely effective for many procedures, from correcting drooping eyelids to carrying out a complete face lift – without surgery, needles or scalpels

Rapid, painless and chemical-free treatment – especially gentle on the body

Results are immediately visible – post or in-depth skin tightening leads to additional permanent improvements

Rapid healing process – clients need only a short time for their appearance to recover and they are able to resume normal social activities in just a few days


A single ambulatory procedure is enough to make the eyes appear more open, to firm up the eyelids and to smooth the areas of skin around the mouth and nose.

It’s not temporary or something you have to continue to touch up.  You simply repeat the treatment when your skin ‘re-ages’ over the years following the last treatment.


The procedure is almost painless and the results are often immediately visible. The treatment is particularly gentle on the body. We apply a high grade topical numbing cream to make you comfortable during the treatment.


A particular advantage of this treatment is that the healing process is very rapid thanks to the NF+ (super low frequency) technology. 

Following professional treatment carried out by our trained practitioners and maintenance of the aftercare regime, there is hardly any evidence of unsightly swelling or redness.

Since the treatment causes virtually no unsightly swelling or redness, clients are quickly ready to go back to their daily routine.


Expect to have "dots"  You will receive anti-bacterial foundation in order to cover the "dots" so you will be okay to go to work the same day if needed. 

You will have very little healing time which takes 7 - 10 days on average.  

During that time your skin will have tiny scabs that will flake off on their own and can be covered by the tinted cream.